30 September 2010


Sirmione is a little peninsula town on lake Garda. Just a 30 minutes or so ferry ride from Desenzano del Garda.
Here I'm pointing;) Maria Callas house.
Charmed by Desenzano you wouldn't expect anything better but it enchants you before you even set foot on shore.
Fortified by Della Scala family, the former port hardly stretches from shore to shore on narrow land, with narrow streets and not more then two storey high houses.
If you ask me which one I prefer more: the sea or the lake, I would go with the latter but all of them have their perks and those big sub-alpine lakes combine both. Sometimes you feel just like at the seaside and need to remind yourself you're actually by the lake. Plus you can take boat rides to other towns, you can't see one shore from another but the water is less salty and calmer then the sea.
This place was already valued by the ancient Romans who had their villas here.
All that sightseeing wouldn't be complete without a swim in the lake. Apart from the private and hotel owned decks and jetty's there's a public beach on one coast (the one on the other was currently under water due to it's high level). Here you can see the northern shore of Sirmione, looking up into the lake where many, many miles later it meets the Dolomites.
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